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You know your experience is valuable and are ready to explore potential niches. You still aren't sure how to package it into a product or service and find an audience among your 4 billion fellow Internet users. Our flagship course will provide the roadmap that will take you from where you are today to being able to launch a real online business. The Welcome and first module of the course are free!

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At 50Plus you have lots of life experience but aren't sure what you can do with it. You use the Internet and realize the potential to do more than just consume through it. Your unique combination of knowledge, expertise, talent, skills and wisdom built up over decades of life experience has value on the Internet. We can help you access that value and learn how to package it for the world. 

Teach Online

I have kicked the tires, I understand niches, I even have some good ideas for a niche. My niche is information based. From what I know so far, online teaching feels like a great choice but I still have questions. Can the 50Plus Nation Academy teaching platform really help me attract students, validate my ideas and start earning money without having to do everything myself? Yes, yes and yes!

Welcome Message by

Bill Gordon - Founder 50Plus Nation

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    Bill Gordon


I am a 50Plus serial entrepreneur and social innovator with decades of experience that I have begun to share with an online audience. If you are over 50, you have over 3 decades of your own life experience that is valuable to Web audiences when packaged the right way. 

50Plus Nation is the place to sort through your own experience and create courses for targeted audiences as I show you how to teach online and earn steady income in this next phase of life. 



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