Creator of 50Plus Nation

Bill Gordon


I am a serial entrepreneur. I spent 20+ years in the NYC area most recently teaching entrepreneurship at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, running accelerator programs as Lean Launch Ventures in partnership with the State of CT and consulting with the state on building a more entrepreneur friendly innovation ecosystem. In my early years in the NYC area I spent my time building scaleable startups around the world in broadband and biotech. I was actively involved in the NYC startup scene and served on the Leadership Council of the NY Tech Meetup.

Why 50Plus Nation?

After teaching mostly millennials and young Gen Xers in the NYC area my focus, since moving to Portland, Oregon at the end of 2014, has been on my own generation. 50Plus Nation is an experiment dedicated to helping the 50Plus demographic realize that decades of experience has given us a wealth of knowledge, talent, expertise and wisdom. Coupling this with the connectivity of the Internet we are incredibly well positioned to monetize our "authority" by attracting niche audiences who value our experience.   

I owe a debt of gratitude to a number of millennial and Gen X "role models" who I have come to know and admire as they have shown me the way to solopreneurship.

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