Becoming a Beta-tester for New Courses

Beta-testing is a fundamental component of the shared learning / teaching model on the 50Plus Nation Academy platform. Making sure that the courses that are offered meet the needs of the members of 50Plus Nation is critical. The method developed by my teacher, Jenna Soard of You Can Brand, is the best approach I have seen to do it well. Organized education has generally operated on the principle that administrators and teachers know what needs to be taught and how it should be presented. I don't know about you but I ended up taking lots of courses in undergraduate school (BS in Biology) and in my two stints in graduate programs (Ph.D. and MBA) that missed the mark. Feedback wasn't part of the model then and in many places it still isn't. At 50Plus we are an audience of experienced learners. The goal is honest constructive feedback, not nitpicking critiques.

The method for being picked as a beta-tester will be a mix of first-come first-serve blended with selection by teachers based on an application form that gives them a more detailed background on applicants and their level of interest in the proposed subject.

Beta-test Interest Form

The following form is an example of the types of questions that will likely be asked by individual teachers. Completing this form now will help us understand your interests so we can put you on the list to be informed about beta-testing opportunities.