50Plus Nation is the home on the Internet to a community dedicated to serving the needs of the 50Plus demographic.


What needs? 50Plus is a point in life when lots of major changes start to occur or can at least be seen on the horizon. The good news for many is that it is likely only the halfway point, we stand to beat the early estimates of our longevity by a lot.


If you are in the 20% of the 50Plus demographic who planned well, you have a financial plan that will cover you just fine. For the rest, there will be questions as to how it is going to work. 50Plus Nation was created because it doesn’t have to be bad news. You have choices on how to control your financial destiny even for all the extra years you are likely to have.


If you are 50Plus, or getting in range of it, you have had decades of experience since turning 21. You may have already decided or are currently considering extending your stay in the workforce. That can definitely help you avoid the financial “longevity trap”. But what if you are itching for a change, wanting to do a reset as to how you live your life going forward. What else can you do with all of that experience?

The mission of 50Plus Nation is to help you answer that question. 50Plus Nation is not about volunteering your time, being the underpaid or even unpaid “intern”, greeter jobs at Walmart or Costco or becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. If that is where you are any of those opportunities can be a good choice. However, 50Plus Nation is a community where you can learn to repackage your experience, expertise, talent, knowledge and wisdom to offer it to the world on your own terms leveraging the connectivity of the Internet.

Extra: A community for individuals with years of life experience sharing knowledge, talent and skills as online solopreneurs.