Solopreneurship starts with finding your niche   

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Finding a Niche for an Online Business

This introductory class is a roadmap designed to guide you in identifying your skills, knowledge, talent and expertise that will become the basis for your authority in a niche. Given your experiences to date it may be related to the primary work you have done, side projects or hobbies you have been passionate about or even something new you are willing to take a deep dive into to share with others. This class will help you to identify your target audience and understand your competitors.

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Learn to Deliver Your Authority 

Once you have identified your niche, follow-up coursework will be available to walk you through the decision on how to package your authority for the target audience in your niche. You need to choose a delivery method that fits your personality and style. Teaching is one path you can choose but even high quality instruction can be delivered in many different ways. Recorded lessons can combine video, audio, or text-based lessons. Live webinar-style classes are an alternative approach that can work well for certain types of classes or for building a strong audience through previews of material. 50Plus Nation can help you find members of your target audience from our community and beyond willing to test your curriculum. You will learn to cultivate meaningful feedback in a "beta-test" approach which will give you strong proof of concept.