Becoming a Teacher on 50Plus Nation Academy

Once I decided to find an online niche in which to build a business it didn't take long to realize that my decades of experience both as a serial entrepreneur coupled with teaching entrepreneurship would define my online niche. It took longer to realize that serving the 50Plus demographic would be a finer definition of my target audience. Knowing that was still not enough. I had choices in how to distribute my knowledge of entrepreneurship.

I could have followed in the footsteps of two of my most visible millennial role models, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, by starting a podcast doing interviews with successful 50Plus entrepreneurs. Another choice could have been sticking to writing a blog as the centerpiece of my efforts. Alternatively I could have focused on curating content from other sources on the web like Maria Popova at Brain Pickings who has amassed a very large following as a curator.

There were many other choices I could have made but for me, as a proclaimed lifelong learner having taken online courses since 2005, the decision began to clarify when I asked myself, "why not launch a course to see what it is like to teach online?" A lot of us in the 50Plus demographic have expertise from our decades of life experience that lends itself to creating various types of curricula to teach. I am certain other members of 50Plus Nation will ask the same question. The shared learning / teaching platform, 50Plus Nation Academy, has been created to allow 50Plus individuals to try their hand at teaching online with the benefit of feedback from the beta -test model developed by my teacher Jenna Soard.

The tools available for curriculum building on the 50Plus Nation Academy platform are quite robust and allow courses based on a mix of written material, video, audio, slide presentations using Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and more. The technology underlying the 50Plus Nation Academy platform is Teachable which is solid infrastructure for learning, teaching and administration, not a source of content unto itself. The platform is used by many different schools, most of whom have the ability to private label it which means that in many cases it is not obvious where the underlying technology comes from.

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