50Plus Nation Academy

A Shared Teaching / Learning Platform for 50Plus Nation Members

Beta-test Model of Course Development

50Plus Nation is a community dedicated to helping fellow 50Plus Nation members discover a niche audience they can serve on the Web based on their own unique blend of life experience. Discovering your niche is only the starting point on the journey because it kicks off a process of validating how to best serve that niche audience. 50Plus Nation Academy is the shared teaching and learning platform that is a core feature of 50Plus Nation. This is where available courses will be listed and made available for enrollment.

I was taught how to launch my first course online by a brilliant young Gen X teacher Jenna Soard of You Can Brand. Almost all courses on 50Plus Nation Academy will be built using a beta or pilot-test model centered on customer validation. This means that almost any product offered commercially on 50Plus Nation will have been tested and revised based on input from 20 to 30 members of the community before being offered more widely. New courses that are being beta or pilot-tested will be offered at no charge, the only price being solid feedback provided to the teacher to help them polish their final commercial product.

As a member of the 50Plus Nation community, if you haven't taught online before, you can take a course, soon to be offered,  where you will learn the principles of creating an effective curriculum that will allow you to launch a high quality course in the niche of your choosing using the beta or pilot-test model. This model creates a win-win for teachers and students. As a teacher you will know that what you have created meets the needs of students and as a student you know you can help tailor courses while receiving free learning, the only price being solid feedback to the teacher.


Note to prospective teachers: if you have already taught online courses let's discuss your experience and take a look at what you would like to teach on the 50Plus Nation Academy platform. In some cases we will be likely to ask that you beta or pilot-test your course with a small group of 50Plus Nation members as additional validation. 



Tell us if you would be interested in beta-testing, teaching or both.