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About the Course and Its Creator Diana Todd-Banks

I wrote the book Closing the Final Chapter because I saw a gaping need in society, one that surprisingly had never been addressed. It came to my attention because I was thrust into the role of closing the final chapter for my mother, unexpectedly, like most people are. 

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My Mother died and wasn’t found for several days, which was tragic.  Searching far and wide I found no guidebooks, no information on what to do, what not to do, what was right, or wrong, in fact a myriad of questions pounded in my head, but there were no answers. Lawyers and other professionals couldn’t help or guide me. So I decided to find out the answers and set about writing the book which has since filled a need for many people.

  • Founder of the Estate Organizer Program
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Over 50’s Coach
  • Estate Organizer Advisor
  • De-Clutter & Downsize Specialist

Diana’s knowledge of the estate organizing business is extensive. 

Having conducted large national online surveys about packing up and organizing, she received more than 40,000 answers, which, after extensive analysis formed the basis of her first book. Then combined with her own experience of moving house 55 times, personally packing up 5 homes of loved ones who had died, along with further research, the Estate Organizer Program became a reality.

Diana’s had an extraordinary life, conquered high hurdles and overcome deep lows where she couldn’t walk or speak for 6 months nor function for 3 years, then she went on to author and co-author 10 books, some of which are with the world’s top inspirational speakers & authors: Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield Chicken Soup Series, the legendary Brian Tracy & others.

Previously Diana had 25 years’ as an international food and wine consultant; was Australia’s first female wine importer in the US; has appeared extensively on TV & radio in Australia and the US, and earned a degree in the Arts and Classic Guitar, from a Chicago University, 

"The idea of the Professional Estate Organizer (PEO) was a natural outgrowth of my book. Taking this course is the first step in learning about this special process and task, because that is what it is. Helping others at one of life’s most complex and difficult times is special, as you will come to find out."



With a large proportion of western society’s population in the over 50’s age group this has given birth to and created new businesses dealing with the over 50’s as well as End of Life Matters.

And, there’s one specific NICHE, within that market that will continually grow, and NOT disappear. 

The reality of life is one day each of us may be the only one that for a variety of reasons, can pack up the life’s possessions of another and when that does occur, it will no doubt be when it’s least convenient for you.  


With end of life matters, it’s important to note, that lawyers and attorneys deal with legalities, accountants the financial affairs, funeral directors deal with the physical body, celebrants with the funeral celebration and grief counselors help with grief, YET families and individuals have been left to muddle their way through the entire packing up role and task in addition to their other daily responsibilities ... no wonder they are so starved for time.

So what is the Professional Estate Organizer Program?

The Estate Organizer Program equips those who participate in the Program to be an effective, efficient and sensitive professional to provide help and advice when people are faced with one of life’s most complex and daunting tasks – closing the final chapter of a loved one’s life. The PEO program will also assist any person who will be facing this challenge in the future.

In today’s world is there a demand for the PEO as a service provider? 

Most definitely! People are time poor and cry out for help and advice in a wide range of topics and areas.  

Here's Why This Service is so Valuable!

When people are faced with sorting and packing up a loved one's home they are:

  • Generally stricken with grief, 
  • Then due to lack knowledge 
  • They experience intense fear, anguish, stress, and regrets,
  • Plus their worries are so profound
  • They can’t think or act clearly,
  • They don’t eat or exercise properly,
  • They waste their limited time and 
  • Waste precious possessions with the result 
  • Their health suffers, and sometimes dramatically even for a long time 
  • Their work or business suffers, and
  • Frequently, families fall apart!



The Professional Estate Organizer program comprises 8 modules. Each module is approximately 35-55 minutes. The modules follow the same format so people with busy schedules and different time zones can access the material and not be bound by the clock. It is possible to complete the program within one month.

Each session has two parts: there is a pre-recorded audio, which is very important to listen to, some documents that need to be reviewed plus some homework. All the modules of the program appear in a private closed area of the training website.

The PEO service you will be learning is a role where sensitivity, patience, knowledge and understanding of the client’s situation, is paramount. 

For this reason, please do not try and speed up the learning process of this role, don’t rush ahead with each module please allow 4 or 5 days between each module.

Founder of the program, Diana Todd-Banks will hold several live online sessions at the beginning and during the program. You will receive notification of these with all the details.


If you are in need of this knowledge, because you know you will be facing this task very soon, please contact the Founder Diana, so she can provide you with complimentary help.




Module 1: Introduction to the Program - The Changing World & How You Can Be Part of a Niche ‘Help’ Business.  You will be provided with an overview of the world of organizing; Today’s Reality as it relates to this topic; the importance of having a distinct niche in business; This Growing Market, Why This Service Is Needed, The Benefits of Being a Estate Organizer and Five important decisions you’ll need to make as a Estate Organizer Advisor.

Module 2:  A View of The Intricacies & Issues of Society & Families Today: In this module you see a different side of Families & Society; also important issues around precious pets, after all they are family.  Other topics you’ll learn about are the early packing up issues to be aware of; the ways you can help and advise, and ultimately be viewed as a valuable Estate Organizer advisor.

Module 3:  Important Information To Know Be Aware Of & Understand. 7 Critical keys (including health issues) how to increase your value as an Estate Organizer Advisor. It’s not about just knowing these 7 critical points but fully understanding them, so if your client does not follow or understand them, then it’s important they are aware of the possible outcomes that may impact on them. 

Module 4:  STEP 1 & 2 The Intricacies & Importance of Organization & Pre-Preparation. Here you will learn how to Review and Assess Your Clients Situation & Needs. At the end of this session you will understand the significance of these first two important steps: Setting Up, How To Create an Appropriate Action Plan. More Issues To Be Aware Of, and why all this can add value to your important service.

Module 5:  STEP 3 Organization - The Nuts n Bolts of Packing and How To Shine as a valued EOA. Here you will review detailed step-by-step Checklists and Action Lists for a humble home or massive mansion.  We all may think we know how to pack and move house, but you will learn the wrong way and right way to sort, pack & perform this special role and task. As well you will learn how you can save your client time, stress, angst and unnecessary expense. 

Module 6:  STEP 4 - Disbursal & The Process of Closing The Final Chapter. Finally the time has come for disbursal, but what is the best way to do that? Here you will gain an acute understanding of the best most Sensitive, Effective & Efficient Way, To Handle the Disbursal Process and Time.

Module 7:  The Business, Your New Niche PEO Business. Understanding the significance of Your Important Role & The Services You Can Offer, Fees & Charges, Understanding the Code of Conduct, Ethics, Permits, Insurance, Business Needs for this service, even if you currently have a business.

Module 8: Putting all the Pieces Together to Launch Your Business. Includes an Introduction to Marketing & PR For Your Business; learning how to identify, and find your market; plus How You Can Promote Your Business. 

Other Questions

  • Would you like to learn how to help and advise others who are faced with one of life’s most complex and daunting tasks?
  • Are you in a market or profession where you care for, advise or assist people?
  • Is it important to have some prior experience?
  • If you enjoy helping others it is not important to have some prior experience. 
  • Would you like to expand your current care / help services?
  • Would you like to own a small business where the demand for your services will always exist? 
  • Do you like to organize or simply love helping others?

If you answer YES to any of the questions above then the PEO course is for you.

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