Find Your Niche Online

with Bill Gordon


In One Month You Will Learn:

  • To navigate the world of online business with an expert tour guide
  • About a series of "role models", their unique "authority”, chosen niches and delivery mechanisms
  • The art of "mining" your life experiences to discover your own “authority”
  • The power of niches and how to serve them with your "authority"
  • How to recognize the best niche to deliver your “authority”
  • To start writing and talking concisely about your niche
  • To Imagine your future - making certain you and your niche are aligned
  • How to research your niche to find who else is serving it
  • To define your target audience and and understand how to communicate with them
  • How to define the problem your authority will help solve
  • The art of prototyping - how to create a beta test with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • How to fine tune your MVP using feedback from your target audience
  • How to do the math on audience size to understand your Minimum Viable Audience (MVA)

You Will Leave the Course With:

  • A highly refined idea as to your own authority
  • A niche you can successfully serve
  • Knowledge of the tools needed to serve your niche
  • The comfort that you are aligned with your niche and chosen method of delivery
  • Full confidence in your abilities
  • A support group of fellow Beta Testers
  • A roadmap to launch a business based on your authority


Who Should Take This Class?

Are you 40, 50, older or for that matter younger and thinking or dreaming about a change of career. Or maybe you are just thinking about what is becoming known as a "side hustle", something on the side from your other obligations to earn extra income or merely stay engaged with the world? If you have thought about online business but haven't taken the plunge, then you should take this tour of the online entrepreneurial landscape with Bill Gordon, an experienced guide. It is an exciting world with lots of potential to change your life, particularly those of you over 40 thinking about 50 and beyond. 

Be prepared to work. This is a class for people actively looking to make a change. Think twice if you are concerned that you may not have the time. I strongly urge students to try to stay up to speed with the lessons. I am 50Plus but almost all of the "role models" for this course are under 40 - mostly millennials and some young Gen Xers that took the dive into the world of online business and have been successful, in some cases, for 5 to 10 years. You will meet many of them and see why I hold them up as role models in this course. You will learn that you have to be committed to get results online. If you are willing to work you can do it.


Next Start Date: TBD in late July 2017

Length of the class: 30 days 

Terms of the class 1) Application required; 2) willingness to participate, sharing ideas as part of the class community

Class materials: will be delivered on a customized teaching platform which will be embedded in the 50Plus Nation website making it easy to deliver a mix of short videos, audio, text-based online materials and printable PDF files. There will be links to additional reading material as well as websites that should be of interest. 

Time Commitment: a minimum of 8 hours per week to watch the videos, listen to audio, do the exercises and complete the homework. The homework is very important.

Community: A major goal will be to create community among class participants using a private Facebook group to discuss assignments, exercises and thoughts about business ideas that will come out of the class. I will be active in the Facebook group giving feedback whenever I can.

Office Hours: Online office hours will be held weekly on Zoom which will allow me to be live on video with students using a text-based chat function to ask questions. The capability exists to bring anyone, who volunteers, into the live video seen by the rest of the class. That way I can help "workshop" an individual's issues for the benefit of all. You will not be required to be on camera, it will be strictly voluntary.

Application Form


Interested in being notified when the when the next class will start, click the link below to apply. You will be the first to know about it, including the pricing which will be at a 50% discount from future longterm pricing.